The Sacred Sound Healing System Review

The brain makes up one of the most important parts of a human being. For many years, there has been research to understand the complexity of the brain. Nonetheless, the mystery has proved difficult to solve. The invention of the Electroencephalogram (EEG) machinery has contributed in understanding the brain a notch higher. This machine is used to detect the brainwaves that occur every moment. The waves in the brains are supposedly equal to the rate at which the heart beats. Heart beats are measured through different pulse point like the wrist. There are also binaural pulses that are used for establishing the response of the brain stem which in turn is responsible for determining the state of our mind at particular times. The Sacred Sound Healing System Review techniques are increasingly being used by many individuals who are looking for self-improvement strategies.

The Sacred Sound Healing System

There are five different kinds of brainwaves. For one to benefit from this technology, it is important to learn about these waves and the process they follow at each stage. The first and most active wave is called Beta. This brainwave is in use at times when the brain is involved in activities that require high concentration levels. Reading, sporting activities and other things that require fast wit all generate the beta wave. This wave makes a person very alert and focused.

The other form of brainwave is the alpha. This wave is not as strong as that of Beta. The brain generates the wave when you are contemplating about the things that you have done for the whole of the day. Alpha waves involve quite some brain action and occur when a person is fully conscious. It is sometimes not easy for a person to realize that they are thinking about some issues. Alpha brain waves also allow a person to come up with solutions to solve their problems.

The third stage is the theta. The brains are at a relaxed state. Individuals are close to falling asleep but they are still a little conscious. Dreams do occur at this stage sometimes. Since the waves are only minor, people whose brains are in this state are relaxed and feel like the world is at its best for them. Thoughts are organized at this moment and relaxed in case you were tired. Upon coming back to full alertness, a person is normally healed of stress and other kinds of disturbing factors.

The Sacred Sound Healing System Review

The fourth brain wave is called gamma. Individuals whose brainwaves are at this level are in subconscious state. However, there are a lot of activities that are being processed by the brain. Ideas and processing of information is possible at this state.

The fifth state, also called delta brainwave is a moment of deep sleep. There are no thoughts, dreams or brain reorganization that occur in this state of mind.

The brainwave technology also uses brainwave entrainment. This is combination of different kinds of sounds that are in harmony. The Sacred Sound Healing System Program technique seeks to help the brains and the body to be in balanced state.

Nine days of sacred sound and not a word to say. I have found my voice and lost it at the same time. While I have no way of conveying the depth and magic of this experience, there are stories to tell. It is my fervent wish that through the use of my “voice” here on the page, others may find ways to connect with that sacred voice within their own hearts.

To clarify, I have recently attended The Sacred Sound Healing System Free Download Intensive given by Jonathan Goldman in Colorado. It was 9 days of using sound to shift frequency and vibration both personally and for the planet. To say that there were shifts is vastly understating the case.

The Sacred Sound Healing System Program Review

On the very first day, as I walked out of the conference center, I saw a small green humming bird in front of me. It was an invitation from Spirit, and a doorway opened then and there. Hummingbird has been a herald for me this year – a sign of new beginnings. The lessons from spirit began right away.

The chant that first evening was to honor Saraswati, the Hindu Goddess of Wisdom and Music. This chant was to set the stage, “to establish a strong sonic field for raising the vibratory level of those wishing to work with sound as a transformational tool.” (Jonathan Goldman). We did probably an hour of chanting followed by a long period of silence to integrate the sound. I could feel the energy of this Goddess come in, and then I felt myself dissolve into the other voices in the room. No edges.

Then my mind jumped in, as it usually does in these situations. Both of the people next to me were chanting very loudly, and I felt myself trying to match them in volume. My throat was straining and I was way too much in my thinking monkey mind.

The Sacred Sound Healing System Free Download

From behind me I heard a male voice. He was chanting very softly, but I could hear him perfectly out of all of the voices around me. He was singing only for the Goddess, and no one else. Just lending his voice in the purest way he could. I knew in my heart that this was the Sacred Masculine chanting for the Sacred Feminine, with no other agenda but to speak to Her and to love Her. I joined my voice with his at this moment, chanting softly and clearly for Saraswati who was all around us once again.

From this magical being who softly chanted his own heart, I learned a valuable lesson about chanting in a group. It is not about making yourself heard above the rest, it is about blending your voice and your medicine to create One Song. Creating one sound for the harmony of all. As we left the room, I passed this young man and bowed to him. He just smiled back at me, no words exchanged.

The Sacred Sound Healing System Book

I’ve heard about other people The Sacred Sound Healing System Ebook with sound i.e. Tibetan bowls but the method I use is something I invented personally from an inspiration.

Sing “into” a part of your body – you have to feel it resonate there. The 1st chakra or lowest energy centre around the genitals produces a very very bass note, and the 7th, the energy centre at the top of the head, for me is about the highest I can sing. While doing this visualise the energy of your sound vibrations going out into the same part of your patients’ body. This technique is also excellent for self The Sacred Sound Healing System Audio, in which case you don’t need to project the energy, just allow it to resonate inside your body at the chakra you choose.

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The Sacred Sound Healing System Ebook

I find this technique really demonstrates the power of the chakras. Once I used it to deal with a man who was aggressive towards me verbally. His attitude changed totally when I made some personal distance and starting humming into my 3rd chakra. Suddenly I was like one of those guys you don’t mess with. I’m not sure if he even consciously noticed me singing!

Sound is a more physical vibration than reiki or prayer and a less physical The Sacred Sound Healing System vibration than massage. It’s useful to have all three in your repertoire to cycle between them depending on the level of physicality of the block you are working on. Some things shift with just a smile, other things need song, finally there are some blocks that require you to practically JUMP on them.

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